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About the Event Organizers

Laura Vandette

I’m a Realtor® who lives, works and plays in Crown Point with my hubby (our pooch Leo), you, and our awesome Hamilton neighbours. One of my personal goals and a goal of my work is to participate in and contribute to the community we live in. So, in 2016 I decided to organize a community garage sale in Crown Point and it’s really taken off.

The idea for this event came from Ottawa’s Great Glebe Garage Sale and from the community garage sale that Hamilton’s Sherman Hub used to host when we lived in that neighbourhood in 2012. I can’t express how much I enjoyed the sense of community I experienced during those events! My sincere hope is to create a similar experience for our neighbourhood through the Crown Point Garage Sale and Fundraiser and the Crown Point Music Crawl.

Sarah Lawson

Sarah grew up in Grimsby, where her family has resided for over 100 years! Sarah’s desire to help people, her interest in home design, and her love for meeting new people and creating meaningful relationships make Real Estate the perfect fit for her.

Sarah currently resides in Crown Point and loves her community and hopes to continue to make a difference in it.


Our hope and intention for the Crown Point Garage Sale and Fundraiser are:

  1. To build community in our awesome neighbourhood by giving us all a chance to meet and mingle at the garage sale.

  2. To give us all a chance to simplify life a little by selling household items we no longer use.  This gives items a second life and reduces our environmental footprint.

  3. To financially support great resources in our neighbourhood since garage sale hosts are invited to make a donation directly (20% is suggested) to a local organization from the proceeds of their garage sale, this year’s recipient is The Hamilton Dream Centre.

We hope you’ll join in!

When you think of real estate, we’d be honoured if you thought of us!

Host a Sale

Sign up to host your own garage sale or lemonade stand and become part of our vibrant community event!

Hello Neighbour,

​I'm Laura Vandette, a REALTOR® and proud resident of Crown Point. I absolutely love our community and I'm passionate about creating opportunities for us to come together. After organizing the Crown Point Garage Sale, I'm thrilled to announce our second annual Music Crawl, an event that celebrates our vibrant neighbourhood.

I can't wait to share this unforgettable experience with all of you. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

Laura Vandette & Sarah Lawson


This year we have 3 local musicians playing on 3 different porches in Delta for approximately 1 hour each. We'll enjoy each performance together, then move to the next porch to take in the next show!

Family on a Walk

Join the Sale

Sign up to host your own garage sale and become part of our vibrant community event!

Separating Waste
Help us keep our neighborhood clean

By taking your trash home with you, as we won’t have the capacity for waste collection.

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Shop the Sale

Discover amazing deals and hidden treasures at our neighborhood garage sales.

Learning to Ride a Bike

Bike or Walk

Please consider walking, or bicycling to Delta West and be aware that the streets will not be blocked off so attendance at the event is at your own risk. 

Picnic Basket

Sweet Treats & Refreshments

Find delicious homemade treats and refreshing lemonade from local stands.

Smiling Selfie

Have Fun!

connect with your neighbors, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends and family.

Host a Sale

Select Your Area and Sign Up to Host Your Own Garage Sale or Lemonade Stand! Become a Part of Our Vibrant Community Event!

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